The government has announced changes to the rules governing indoor and outdoor gatherings. Fortunately, on ‘covid secure’ venues, like ours (ie all distancing and cleansing procedures in place, with track and trace), there is very little we need to do.

The NSRA guidelines (issued on the 16th of July) for the opening of gun clubs is still in force.
PARC will adhere to these guidelines where applicable.


The latest addition to the official NSRA page (issued 10th September), and a ‘covid reminder’ (issued 17th September) is below:

The following is a list of specific guidelines for our members. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ THROUGH THESE CAREFULLY.
These are unprecedented times, and necessarily we have had to implement a number of changes to the way things will be at the club for the foreseeable future. We will be relying on the goodwill and common sense of members to help make this work. As this is all new to most if not all of us, we reserve the right to modify these guidelines in the light of experience and updated recommendations from relevant external sources.

Whilst we will take all reasonably practical precautions, we cannot give a 100% guarantee of safety with regard to Covid-19. Therefore if you believe you are in a particularly high risk group, please exercise judgment in whether or not you wish to attend.

Changes to opening days/hours

The club will be open on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday only.
There will be two sessions on Tuesday and Thursday:
From 10:00 to 12:15, and from 13:00 to 15:15
There will be one session on Wednesday:
From 10:00 to 13:00
There will be three sessions on Saturday and Sunday:
From 08:00 to 10:00, from 10:30 to 12:30 and from 13:00 to 15:00
The intervals are for cleaning purposes.
These dates and times will be monitored and changed as and when we are able to commit to more hours.
We need to limit the number of people onsite in any session to a maximum of 30, due to social distancing requirements.
Theoretically, we can cater for around 300 members per week if each session is near full.
Although we are refraining from making it a rule, we would ask that if you are a non-worker, please try to attend on the mid-week dates to allow working people to attend at weekends.

Booking Scheme

We have introduced a booking scheme.
Initially this will be on a first come, first served basis, but with the caveat that you can only book THREE sessions per week (a week being from Tuesday to Sunday), and preference will be given to anyone who has not yet had a shoot.
Members may only book for a maximum of THREE people, all of whom must be members unless it’s a family membership booking where all members of the family live under the same roof.
This may be amended as we monitor the situation.
Bookings can be accepted up to two weeks in advance.

The contact for this will be the Club Secretary – John Bennett

Bookings can be made by email only, see below.

You will need to state your name (or names in the event of member and under 11 year old child), contact number, date and session – am or pm (Tuesday and Thursday) or am1 or am2 or pm (Saturday and Sunday), the purpose of your visit (benchrest, woodland course, pistol), whether you are unable to attend mid-week due to work, and finally if you require a disabled bench.
Failure to provide all the above information may mean you do not get the booking of your choice.
All emails will be replied to.


Only members who have booked a session will be permitted on site during that session. DO NOT bring anyone else with you, unless they are booked in too. Visitors and guests are NOT permitted. If you have booked a non benchrest slot, then please do NOT use a bench! Also try to avoid booking a bench for the purposes of zeroing, then not use it for most of the session. We appreciate that you may need to zero your gun prior to using the woodland course. An area for this will be provided near the top of the course.

The gate will be fitted with a ‘club’ lock for each session by the duty marshal. The code will be the one issued when you renewed your membership (or became a full member for our 2020 joiners). You can enter/leave at any time during a session, but as is normal practice, always close the gate behind you.
Your booking will be checked by a marshal.
At the end of the session, YOU MUST PACK UP IMMEDIATELY and leave the site as soon as possible (#see below for exceptions#). This is in order for the site to be cleaned prior to the arrival of the next session.

If you have not booked, you will not be permitted onsite. Anyone found on site who hasn’t booked will be subject to disciplinary action.
If you are unable to fulfill your booking, please let us know as soon as possible.
It may be possible to ring on the day to check if there are unused slots, but please do not turn up ‘on the offchance’ as you will not be admitted. Please bear in mind that the Marshals on the day may be very busy and your call may go unanswered.

*A Marshal will be either a committee member or a club member with permission from the committee. The committee has sole discretion in this matter.

As the number of benches will be limited to 13, we will require you to state your reason for attending, ie benchrest, FT/HFT etc.
If you wish to share your time (2 to 2 1/4 hours) with a family member, please state this when booking. This would allow us to accept more than 12 bench resters at a time. If both sharers are adults, only one of the sharers is permitted at a table at any given time. An adult will be permitted to stand behind his/her child (under 11) in order to supervise.
Only TWO people at a time will be allowed to shoot on the pistol range behind the main plinking range (subject to the child exception as noted above).
The top pistol range will be available for standing only, but NOT with the normal string pull targets. Please maintain distancing when shooting in this area. We recommend no more than THREE shooting at a time.

#For those shooting on a morning session, it may be possible to stay for the following session if places are available (including into the afternoon session). This will be at the discretion of the duty marshal(s). However, please vacate your seat at the end of your booked session in order for us to maintain our cleaning policy. Also please bear in mind those new arrivals booked onto the following session will have seat priority.#

We have been running for quite a few weeks now, but please bear in mind there is still a substantial burden placed on a relatively few members to ensure smooth running and cleaning of the club for the hours we’re open (which is one of the reasons for the limited opening times). With that in mind, we ask you to be patient and courteous.
Any abusive or offensive behaviour will result in a temporary or permanent ban (see below).
That said, we welcome any suggestions that could help improve the situation for all.

Changes to the site – bench resting

The number of tables on the bottom plinking range will be limited to NINE. These will be spaced 2m apart. Do NOT move the benches.
The top range will be limited to TWO shooters, sitting at the table in the range, and a further TWO at the side of the top range.
Access to the top plinking areas is via the secondary car park, past the waste area. There will be signs directing you. Be mindful of two-way traffic for those leaving the range, (there is plenty of room to maintain distance on the path).
The tables will be temporarily covered with plastic sheeting where applicable to enable easy cleaning. All tables and chairs will be cleaned with virucide prior to each session opening.
There will be no mandatory requirement to wear a mask. If you wish to do so, you must provide your own.
If you wish to use a soft cushion for gun support, you must bring your own and take it away with you. CLUB CUSHIONS, OTHER THAN THE EASY WIPE TYPE, SHOULD NOT BE USED, AS WE CANNOT CLEAN THEM.
Only members actively shooting at the bench are allowed in the plinking ranges.
Food and drink are NOT PERMITTED at the table or in the range.
Do not enter the plinking range if you are not shooting.
If you have booked in as disabled, a table on the bottom plinking range will be reserved for you.

Changes to the site – woodland course

A one way system will operate – in at the top (walking through the secondary car park , and past the waste area, through the woods to the top plinking range) and out at the bottom into the main car park. Please follow the signs. There will be two or three access points in the middle of the course to enable shooters to leave.
The targets are of the standard knock over variety with string reset.
Please ensure you use either a HOOK, the preferred method and easily made at home, or a GLOVED hand. Marshals will be checking this from time to time and those not complying will be asked to leave.
There will be NO shooting pegs for the HFT discipline. (A DIY shooting peg is easily made for this purpose).
Shooting positions will be a minimum of 2.5m apart. Two shooters maximum per position. Please ensure you maintain distancing.
There will be a ‘zeroing’ shooting position prior to the commencement of the woodland course.
If a few shooters turn up together, then please either queue or make your way to a position further down the course to start. You can then return to the beginning on completing the course.

General information

The committee has made the decision to suspend all inductions currently in process, and return deposits to those affected.
Also, we will not be accepting new members for the rest of 2020.
We regret that those members who have not renewed their membership for 2020 will NOT be allowed to renew this year.
For members who renewed their membership prior to lockdown, the committee is looking at a reduction in next year’s fee.
The clubhouse will not be available at any time. However, the toilets will be open. These will be cleaned with virucide on a regular basis.
Antibacterial dispensers will be in place, with hand gel and wipes available on both plinking ranges.
However, we very strongly recommend you have your own personal method of hand cleansing to use whilst out on site.
Members wishing to wear masks must provide their own.
A covered seating area is now available. Please use this if waiting out showers, or, of course, return to your vehicle.

Disciplinary Information

During this difficult period, we will be relying heavily on the goodwill, patience, cooperation and common sense of our members.
As the marshals are all volunteers, giving up their time to ensure the smooth running and cleaning of the club, it is absolutely vital that they, and indeed anyone, should NOT be subject to any abuse, threats, or offensive remarks.
If any member has a grievance that they are unable to sort out civilly and calmly with a marshal, this should initially be directed to the Secretary.
Every effort will be made to ensure complaints are dealt with fairly and timely within reasonably practical limits.

In the event that any member IS abusive or threatening to ANY marshal, then we WILL IN ALL CASES take disciplinary action. This could mean a temporary or permanent ban from PARC.