As mentioned in an earlier post, we can now confirm the price of pellets from the beginning of January, will remain the same price and that is the same pro-rata for 1 tin or a sleeve of 10.

More Targets In Woodland

There are now an additional 5 lanes of two targets each. These have fixed posts, so are suitable for HFT shooters (no target further out than 45 yards), though of course, anyone can shoot them as normal!
The new positions have been coloured blue and yellow and numbered separately, 1 to 10, to distinguish them from the normal 30 targets.

Rubber Matting

As many of you are no doubt already aware, the rest of the mats have been fitted in the plinking range. We are currently evaluating their effectiveness, and considering refitting to ensure the whole of the ‘front’ area, ie that in front of the safety barrier, is covered, rather than just 2/3rd of it at present. This would make it easier to move chairs in and out.
We will also look at fitting edging strips where necessary.
Please let us know your thoughts – speak to any committee member.

JSB Pellet Availability

Quick heads up – the committee voted to allow some committee members to sign for a sleeve of JSB pellets (.177 only) for purchase by members. The price of tins will remain the same for now, but may be subject to change in the future.
Hopefully, this will make it a bit easier for members to get hold of tins of pellets in the future.

Bottom Plinking Range Improvements

You may have noticed the new rubber matting under one of the tables on the bottom plinking range. This is on trial to see if it improves the comfort of shooters normally sat with their feet on bare concrete.
Early days yet, but all comments so far from users suggest it’s a welcome addition. The intention is to put mats under all the benches.

Also the committee passed a resolution to have an additional two benches permanently located on the bottom plinking range for days when it’s busy, but there is no access to the foldable benches. These additional benches will be kept stacked out of the way normally, but will be immediately available if needed.

PARC Winter League Shoot

After a busy day finishing off the setup on Saturday (made far easier by the enormous amount of work and forethought already put in by Club Secretary Rod Hornett), Sunday arrived cool, but sunny and dry!
We had an excellent turnout in the morning with 3 shooters to each lane, (45 in total), and a further 21 in the afternoon.
There was a tie for first between Neil Hague and Jon Willingham (a PARC member) on 29, with Ian Taylor on 28 with 2 others, and Colin Crossley sharing 6th= with a few more on 27.
Thanks to all who helped, and of course a big thanks to Rod Hornet for all his hard work.
Click the link below for full results.

Winter League Shoot Update

As we get closer to the competition (just about a week and a half away now), you’ll have noticed that there is a fair amount of preparation already going on. Inevitably there will be some disruption to the ‘normal’ woodland course, though there are still 30 targets out there to shoot! No disruption will occur to the plinking range until Saturday 2nd November ( the day before the shoot).
On the actual day (3rd November), anyone is welcome to come and watch, if not compete. There will be a snack wagon on site all day selling the usual burgers, bacon/sausage sarnies etc etc.

QEGS The Finale

For this 6th and final visit of this session, we set out a 4 event competition for the QEGS lads – 10m Target, Bell Target, 5 FT Targets and a Pistol target, with the best 3 scores to count.
The improvement over the 6 sessions they’ve done at PARC was noticeable, with some very good shooting.
It’s good to know that at least these few boys will not only have had a good time, but will know how to handle a gun safely and, hopefully, responsibly.
A big bonus is that the club benefits financially too.
Thank you to all that have helped, and given your time so generously, and, of course, a big thank you to Ross (‘The Boss’) Adamson for his excellent leadership.