Emily Smith 2nd Place Junior in Daystate Midland Hunter Series

One of our younger members, EMILY SMITH (11), ably assisted by mum and dad Jennie and Stuart, has achieved a superb 2nd place in the Junior section of the Daystate Midland Hunter Series.

Despite only taking up shooting only a year ago, her enthusiasm, and mum and dad’s full support, have carried her through to this excellent result.

Well done Emily! All of us at PARC who know you are also proud of your achievement!

Proud Trophy Winner!
Spot the youngest!!
Emily In Action

Events Cancellations & Postponements

You may already be aware that many shooting competitions are being cancelled or postponed. Please click on the page below to check:


Also, the Northern Shooting Show has been postponed to the 28th/29th August. Refunds are available, or the tickets will still be valid for then.

Click this link for more information:


Corona Virus (Covid-19) & PARC – UPDATE

The club, (as of Monday 18th March), is currently still open and functioning as normal.

The committee has made the decision to stop all current inductions, and not accept new membership applications with immediate effect.
Those currently undergoing inductions will be able to claim a refund or restart their induction process sometime in the future (as yet we have no idea when that might be).
The club will remain open for existing members ONLY, and NO guests or visitors will be allowed. However please note that you come AT YOUR OWN RISK.
As you are probably aware, the Covid-19 pathogen can survive for several hours outside the body. This means that an infectious person could potentially leave the pathogen on shooting tables, chairs, cushions, etc. For this reason, the clubhouse will NOT be available at any time during this period.

We will continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis, particularly with regard to government recommendations and mandatory requirements.

If we have to make the decision to close the club completely, we will endeavor to give as much notice to as many people as possible. To that end, please keep an eye on this website and the FaceBook page ( You can find us on FaceBook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/440425069451637/ ) for updated information. Those of you who do so, please, if necessary, contact all your shooting colleagues who may not have access to either the internet or FaceBook.

The committee would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time.

New Club Officers

The PARC Committee are pleased to announce the appointment of two new officers:

Rod Hornett is now the Club Chairman

John Bennett is now the Club Secretary

Rumours that you have to touch your forelock when passing them are greatly exaggerated…!

Membership Renewals

As we are now into March, all renewals should have been done.
Please be aware that if you allow your membership to lapse for too long, you may be required to undergo the induction process once more.
If you are intending to renew – DO IT ASAP!

Inductions Progress…

Despite some pretty atrocious weather for our new inductees, we have already completed the first full inductions of the year and now have new probationary members.
A quick reminder to those having just picked up your new membership badges – you need to tick the ‘probationary’ box when signing in. This is to enable us to check you meet the required minimum number of visits (4) within the 3 month probationary period.
Also, don’t forget that the first job on arrival on club grounds is to sign in and ensure you are wearing your badge and whistle. If the clubhouse isn’t open, there is always a signing in sheet on the bottom plinking range.


First Induction Day

The first Sunday in February was our first induction day of 2020 for new members, and what a day! Around 40 new members, many of them seasoned shooters, but with quite a few genuine novices, successfully completed their first induction day.
At one point we had quite a queue for the chrono, but eventually we managed to check all the guns and get people out shooting.
We hope you all enjoyed it, and the facilities PARC has to offer.

Young recruit enjoying his first induction day!

PARC New Member Induction

A reminder that applications for new members to join PARC start this Sunday, 2nd February, from 10am.
If you’re intending to come, park up and seek out a committee member – they’ll be wearing their yellow ID badges. Alternatively, go to the clubhouse and ask in there.
It is likely to be busy, so please bear with us.
If you are bringing a gun, we WILL have to chronograph it to check for compliance with sub 12ft.lb rules. This is done with club pellets (JSBs) for consistency. Regrettably, if it reads over, we cannot allow you to use it.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Check here for further details: joining us