More Targets!

The 10 HFT targets have been very well received. They all comply with HFT rules regarding distance (10 to 45 yards), all are visible whilst prone, and, of course, they all have a stake.
So, noting this success, we have added 5 more targets, so at each of the 5 shooting positions, there are now 3 targets instead of 2, making 15 HFT compliant targets.

Club Chairman

As most of you will already know, Ross Adamson, our long-time club chairman, has resigned from his position and the committee for personal reasons.
We hope you join us in thanking Ross for his immeasurable contribution to PARC over the years. He says he’ll still be around, and will help wherever and whenever he can, so we haven’t got rid of him yet!!

More Targets In Woodland

There are now an additional 5 lanes of two targets each. These have fixed posts, so are suitable for HFT shooters (no target further out than 45 yards), though of course, anyone can shoot them as normal!
The new positions have been coloured blue and yellow and numbered separately, 1 to 10, to distinguish them from the normal 30 targets.

Rubber Matting

As many of you are no doubt already aware, the rest of the mats have been fitted in the plinking range. We are currently evaluating their effectiveness, and considering refitting to ensure the whole of the ‘front’ area, ie that in front of the safety barrier, is covered, rather than just 2/3rd of it at present. This would make it easier to move chairs in and out.
We will also look at fitting edging strips where necessary.
Please let us know your thoughts – speak to any committee member.