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Membership Information

Memberships for 2019 have now closed.

We will have a date for new memberships starting in 2020 soon, so watch this space!!

Note that those currently on induction visits can finish their induction, but please do so as soon as possible.

Another Succesful QEGS Visit

This week, the fourth of six visits, saw us offer the lads from QEGS a 20 target FT/HFT course out in the woods. We varied the difficulty by having tables on a few lanes, a couple of tripods, a bag and a mat, and let the lads decide in what position they wanted to shoot.
Scoring was a little unconventional, with 3 for a knockdown, 1 for a plate, and 0 for a miss, making a maximum score of 60 possible. Two lads scored 42, which is a very creditable score!

Thanks as usual to the merry band of excellent helpers and to Ross for his leadership.

QEGS Visits

In order to address a few minor criticisms we have had regarding the visits from QEGS taking up time and space on the bottom plinking range on Wednesdays, we hope that you have noticed that we are keeping our useage of this area to an absolute minimum.

Please note that if anyone is unhappy or has any constructive criticism (or helpful suggestions!) as to how things could be improved, please have a word with Ross Adamson.

Bear in mind that we have a great bunch of volunteers giving their time to help these young lads, and at the same time bringing revenue into the club. The lads are all having a great time and more importantly, they are learning about gun safety.

QEGS Update

Today (Wednesday 25th) we had the third visit from the boys of QEGS (or is it QUEGS??).
It nearly didn’t happen as yesterday (Tuesday) saw torrential rain, eliciting a severe weather warning by the Met Office. PARC was awash, and Ross and I abandoned all attempts to do any setting up! Fortunately, this morning was much brighter and drier, so we were able to put together a reasonably varied selection of shooting for the lads.
All went well, the weather stayed dry, much coaching took place and everyone seemed happy!
Thanks as usual to all the willing and capable volunteers – you all do a fantastic job!

Family Day Photos!

Family Day Fun

What a great day!
Lots of people turned up, despite a very heavy shower mid-morning, to our Family Day. It was good to see so many family members come along and have a go.
Regular members were helping beginners almost everywhere I looked, and those I spoke to said they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
The buffet went down well too, and thanks to the person who provided some beautiful cupcakes!
The catapult guys were very popular and proved yet again that something that looks easy is far from it…
Well done to all who helped and a special thanks to Ross, the organiser!


Getting a lot of applications – good, as it shows you’re looking! I’ve requested a full membership listing so that I can check names before approving, so bear with me for a few days. As I said elsewhere if you are a full member you will be accepted automatically once I check that fact!! To be honest you are not missing much even now, as the vast majority of the site is open to all viewers.

QEGS Are With Us Again!

Such was the success and popularity of the last visit by students from QEGS, many more boys have signed up to come to PARC as their Wednesday afternoon activity! The current 6 session period was requested at short notice, and apologies to some of the Wednesday shooters for that, but we felt we could accommodate them and the first visit on 11th September was well received.
We do appreciate the forbearance of regular members, and can only hope that you agree it’s an excellent opportunity to educate more youngsters about the merits of our sport, not to mention the money injected into club coffers!

Naturally, we couldn’t do this without the support of quite a few volunteers, so many, many thanks to all those who give their time for the benefit of the club.

PARC Members’ Family Day

You may have seen the notice and heard the rumours…
The members and family day is going ahead!

This just for fun event will be on the 22nd SEPTEMBER, from 10am to 2.30pm, with refreshments provided at about 1.00pm.

The event will comprise of various easy (!) disciplines for all to try:

  • Bell Target
  • 10 Yard Target
  • Pistol (10 yard)
  • 5 target HFT (in the woods)
  • Silhouette
  • Plinking

And maybe the odd surprise event or two…

Friends can come too with prior permission from any committee member.
Please note that members will be responsible for their own visitors whilst on site.
Club guns will be available.

WFTF World Championships 2019

The FT World Championship is well under way now. We have a few club members taking part:
Ian Taylor, a seasoned veteran of these championships and of course THREE times previous winner.
Phil Johanssen, a regular competitor in local events, trying his hand with the world’s best.
John Williams shooting in the springer class with his superb Walther LGU, and no doubt embarrassing many a PCP competitor.

Good luck to all, and may the weather gods be kind…

Here’s a link to the relevant page or this
TBH not sure what the difference is but you be the judge!

Silhouettes Update

Banks three (geese) and four (rams) are now repaired and back in action! Sorry for the delay.


There will be a short delay before the silhouettes are repaired and replaced. It was originally thought that after repairing banks one and two (the chickens and the pigs), banks three and four would be ok because of the reduced pellet energy at greater distance. However a close inspection revealed cracks appearing, so the decision was made to get them welded up. Big thanks to Daz for his expert welding, and sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

After seven successful sessions, the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School lads have now completed their introduction to air gun shooting.

A massive thanks to all who have helped, and to Ross in particular for his excellent management throughout. Thank you too to all our members who may have been inconvenienced – your patience and good humour are much appreciated.

All the lads received certificates recording their achievements, and a few received trophies for individual events!

The club has benefited financially too, with a substantial sum coming into our coffers!