Latest News 16/05/2021

P.A.R.C. New Membership 2021.

P.A.R.C. are not taking new members at present but if you would like to join when new membership re-opens, please contact us via

with your details ( name & telephone number). You will then be added to our waiting list and we will contact you, when we re-open for new membership.

Please do NOT turn up at the club without arranging it through the booking site. We are currently ONLY allowing existing members to use the club facilities.

ALL new membership will be arranged through the booking site.


At a committee meeting today it was decided, with effect from Monday 19.04.2021, that bookings will no longer be required to attend the club.

The club will be open to existing members using the current access code on the gate lock.

The course & bench resting facilities may be used with care & social distancing as has been the norm during the last few weeks, each person will be responsible to clean the area used with the equipment provided.

Club marshals will be monitoring the site & we will re assess the situation in a few weeks time.

Thank you.

Bank Holiday Monday (5th April).Courtesy of Darren Percival, there will be two sessions available in the morning. From 0800 to 1000 and 1000 to 1200. Book as usual via Thanks Daz!

The booking system will go live from 12 noon today 24/03/2021.

Please do not use the booking address used last time, if you have already done so you will have to re book on the new address.The NEW booking address is :

We are planning to re-open on Tuesday March the 30th 2021 for EXISTING CLUB MEMBERS ONLY, using the same booking system as before.


Please read the PARC COVID-19 GUIDELINES for booking information.

This gives all the information required to be able to make a booking

Further information regarding 2020 probationary members & new membership will be posted in the near future. please check for updates on here & Facebook.

Due to the current lockdown situation (as of 10 January 2021), PARC will be remaining closed. This is likely to be until at least 31st March, though the committee will be monitoring the situation continually.

Membership fees will not be due until at least the 1st July 2021, though this could change yet again. The committee is looking at the level of fees, and will make a decision nearer the time. We will of course be taking into account the amount of shooting we have missed, but as yet we simply do not know just how much longer we will be closed.

Regrettably, the committee has had to make the decision that new members cannot be accepted for the foreseeable future, and definitely not whilst we operate under restrictions (as we did with bookings previously). This is in order to mitigate the risks to our existing membership.

Those members who paid in 2019, but were unable to renew in 2020 will be permitted to rejoin with no induction when the club opens. The fee will be set by the committee.

When the club opens, even under restrictions, we will permit the existing inductees on our books to finish their induction, but by invite only and in limited numbers at any one time. Inductees with 3 visits completed will be invited first, then those with 2, etc. Please note however that club guns will NOT be available.

PARC to Remain Closed For the Remainder of 2020

With the latest announcement by the government of most local areas to PARC dropping into T3 restrictions, effectively we are back at where we were immediately prior to the National lockdown.
This means that the committee has reiterated its decision to remain closed for the safety and protection of our members. This will be extended to the end of 2020. As always, we will review the situation, subject to government guidelines changing, as soon as possible.

Also, the committee has made the decision to extend this year’s membership until March 31st 2021. No subs will be due until after that date.

It is to be hoped that with the roll out of mass vaccination, we can achieve the magical ‘herd immunity’ that will finally kill off the pandemic and allow us to get back to ‘normality’ (what’s that?!) as soon as possible.

Club Closure From 00.01 Monday 2nd November Until Further Notice

The committee has made the decision to close PARC to all members from 00.01 on Monday 2nd November until further notice.
T3 restrictions mean we cannot remain open and comply with government guidelines. We also, of course, have a duty of care to all our members.
We hope you can understand the need for this course of action, and we can assure you we will monitor the situation and reopen at the earliest opportunity.

On behalf of the committee, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the marshals for their excellent work and diligent commitment. I have received a lot of comments from members who appreciate the hard work you have put in to ensure as safe an environment as possible.

Latest Restrictions

Due to the government’s latest round of tiered restrictions, PARC committee have made the decision to not allow members from TIER 3 areas to visit the club.
This has been done to protect the rest of our members in line with government guidelines.
Also, the guidelines state that travel into and out of restricted areas should be avoided if possible.

We regret the necessity of such decisions, but we must act in a responsible manner for the welfare of our members.
We will monitor the situation and amend the restrictions as and when we can.

Please Remember To Read Our PARC Covid-19 Guidelines Page

It contains all the information needed for you to book and attend a shooting session. In particular, pay attention to what information is needed to make a successful booking.

The guidelines are here:


Also, note the NSRA guidelines and again check out the latest (17th September) reminder from them. This emphasises the need to follow the guidance, or it could invalidate our insurance!

Change To The Way Members’ Access PARC Site

We have had to implement a new way of accessing the site. Previously, the gate was opened 15 minutes prior to, and closed 15 minutes after, each session start time.
From Saturday morning, the 26th September, the new system will come into operation:

Members arriving on that session, and all subsequent sessions, will see a new lock fitted to the gate. This will have been fitted by the duty marshal when he arrived at the site. Members will have the code for this lock – it is the same one you got when you renewed your membership, or obtained full membership this year for our newer members. Look on your membership card or receipt if you can’t remember, and failing that, ring John Bennett, Rod Hornett or Paul Smart for a reminder.
In other words, during a session, the entry/exit method will be identical to pre-covid days, which means you let yourself in and CLOSE THE GATE behind you, every time.
So, you can arrive and leave at any time during a session without needing a marshal to let you in/out.

HOWEVER, please bear in mind you will still need to book. Turning up and letting yourself in without booking will result in you being asked to leave. Failure to comply will result in a suspension or ban from the club.
Naturally, you will still need to check in with the marshal(s) as you do now.

Hopefully, this will make things a little easier for you all, giving you the flexibility to arrive and depart as you please.

PARC and the Latest Government Restrictions

The good news is PARC can remain open, more or less as we are now!

There will be one or two relatively minor changes, but there will be little impact on members.

Quick edit – the only change we have had to make is to reduce by one the benches on the top indoor range by one, to two!

Woodland Targets Going Back To Strings

As from Saturday 5th September the Woodland course will revert back to stringed targets.
Please be aware that you can only pull the strings with a GLOVED hand or preferably with a hook. Failure to do so not only adds risk for those following you, but will result in a temporary suspension from the club.
Hooks can be homemade very easily from stout wire, or from a modified coat hangar.

Thanks to Rod Hornett and his hard working team for making this possible.

Additional Day Added

As we promised to add more openings as and when we could, we’re happy to announce an additional session.
Starting now you can book a WEDNESDAY session, from 10:00 to 13:00, the first Wednesday booking being the 29th July.