A Guide To The Induction Process


  • All new members MUST have a minimum of FOUR induction visits. Usually, and commonly, 4 visits are sufficient to enable you to become a probationary member (*), and gain access to PARC shooting grounds at any time in daylight hours.
  • Induction visits are generally done on Sunday mornings from 10am. Exceptionally, and ONLY BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT WITH A COMMITTEE MEMBER, the 2nd and 3rd visits can be done midweek. However, the FIRST and LAST induction visit MUST be done on a Sunday.
  • The first induction visit will consist of filling in a few details and signing a form (this is also your induction visits form). You will be given two additional information sheets – one explaining club rules, and one basic safety and legal requirements information. Please familiarise yourself thoroughly with both sheets. You will then be required to pay a membership fee of £50 and buy a whistle, currently £1. You must use one of the club’s whistles to ensure conformity.
  • You will also be required to wear a badge along with your whistle AT ALL TIMES ON CLUB GROUNDS. Before leaving the clubhouse, you will need to sign on on the provided sheet, and this will become routine as you need to sign on every time you visit the club.
  • A committee member will then show you around all the grounds, and explain club rules and safety procedures. If you have not yet acquired a gun, you can use one of the club guns during the course of your visit. If you have brought your own gun, we will check its legality on our chronograph. You may be aware that the legal limit without requiring a Fire Arms Certificate (FAC) for the power of an air rifle is 12 ft.lb, above which you would require a FAC. Any guns on or above the limit cannot be used on club grounds at any time. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.
  • At some stage during all induction visits, the committee member will need to see you shooting. Don’t worry if you have no experience, as you will be given full instructions.
  • Most induction visits can be completed in an hour or so, but in all cases, it will be at the discretion of the committee member observing you.
  • Having finished your visit, the committee member will sign the back of your form. Please check this, as if you fail to get a signature, the visit will be deemed to not have taken place!
  • File your form away in one of the folders in the clubhouse and congratulations – you’ve just completed your first induction visit!

    Safety rules regarding guns are generally common sense:
  • NEVER point your gun at anyone. To that end always ensure the gun is pointing down at the ground, even if it’s on a sling, or in a bag.
  • NEVER load a gun unless you are about to shoot it and even then ONLY when the gun is facing downrange.
  • NEVER walk about with a magazine in your gun AT ANY TIME. This particularly applies to the woodland course when moving between lanes. Prior to leaving your shooting position, REMOVE THE MAGAZINE. Better still use a single shot loader.
  • NEVER leave your gun unattended. Please ensure someone knows you are leaving it (eg when nature calls), or better still, place it in the gun rack.
  • If out on the woodland course you need to put your gun down, ensure the gun is facing out onto the target area. NEVER prop it against a tree, or place it on a bench.
  • Do not take air bottles onto any part of the course. Fill your guns at your car, or in the area close to the clubhouse.

    In common with many reputable gun clubs, we have a whistle/bell system to alert other shooters to stop/start shooting:
  • ONE LOUD, CLEAR WHISTLE – ALL shooters (including those on the plinking ranges) MUST discharge their guns and stop shooting.
  • TWO LOUD, CLEAR WHISTLES – all shooters can resume shooting.
  • and very rarely, THREE LOUD, CLEAR WHISTLES – ALL shooters to discharge their weapons, then get themselves and all their gear to the location of the whistle.
  • The use of the BELL on the bottom plinking range is identical to the whistles BUT ONLY APPLIES TO THE BOTTOM PLINKING RANGE. In other words, shooters out in the woods need not do anything (and, in fairness, probably wouldn’t hear it anyway!).