PARC Remaining Closed. Membership Fee Due Date Extended.

Due to the current lockdown situation (as of 10 January 2021), PARC will be remaining closed. This is likely to be until at least 31st March, though the committee will be monitoring the situation continually.

Membership fees will not be due until at least the 1st July 2021, though this could change yet again. The committee is looking at the level of fees, and will make a decision nearer the time. We will of course be taking into account the amount of shooting we have missed, but as yet we simply do not know just how much longer we will be closed.

Regrettably, the committee has had to make the decision that new members cannot be accepted for the foreseeable future, and definitely not whilst we operate under restrictions (as we did with bookings previously). This is in order to mitigate the risks to our existing membership.

Those members who paid in 2019, but were unable to renew in 2020 will be permitted to rejoin with no induction when the club opens. The fee will be set by the committee.

When the club opens, even under restrictions, we will permit the existing inductees on our books to finish their induction, but by invite only and in limited numbers at any one time. Inductees with 3 visits completed will be invited first, then those with 2, etc. Please note however that club guns will NOT be available.