Amendments to Guidelines

The government has announced its new lockdown easing measures, effective from the 4th July.

The maximum number of people allowed in any gathering is 30. As we had already stipulated a 30 to 40 maximum attendance per session, this is now amended to 30 maximum.

As our plinking ranges are technically classed as indoor (more than 50% enclosed), we can not use them as they are, even with 2m bench spacing. Therefore we will have to move the benches forward, meaning they will no longer be classed as indoor, ie if it rains, you will get wet.

Before anyone complains please bear this in mind – the committee have sole responsibility for determining when and where our members can shoot. If we are complicit in allowing members to break the law, we are responsible for any legal action that may result as a consequence. In other words, you may not agree to the 70mph speed limit on the motorway, but that is the law, and there are consequences if you are caught.

We cannot put any committee member in the position where they may face consequences for giving permission for others to break the law.

This situation is frustrating. None of us want it. Unfortunately, we have to work with it until things return to normal. Your forbearance as members is needed to enable us all to get through this difficult time as smoothly as possible.