PARC Re-Opening On Tuesday 7th July

We are pleased to announce that PARC will re-open on Tuesday 7th July at 10:00.
Bookings for this session will commence on Tuesday 30th June at 09:00 06:30 BY EMAIL ONLY. The reasons for doing this are as follows:
Emails arrive in date and time order making it simple to compile a list of first come, first served bookings. Emails also have all the information needed to transfer electronically to a spreadsheet. Taking bookings by phone would mean having to write down all the details as they came in – a hugely time consuming process. Also, phone bookings would be very intrusive, and may go unanswered if the call is unable to be taken at that time.
As we have stated in the guidelines below, this is all new.
Over time the process will be refined. If you don’t have an email address, but own a smartphone, then getting an email address is free and simple.
Many clubs operate on an online booking system only. Those without internet access get a friend or family member to book on their behalf.

The email address for bookings is:

You MUST read the guidelines, which can be found by clicking the following link PARC Covid-19 Guidelines