Inductions Progress…

Despite some pretty atrocious weather for our new inductees, we have already completed the first full inductions of the year and now have new probationary members.
A quick reminder to those having just picked up your new membership badges – you need to tick the ‘probationary’ box when signing in. This is to enable us to check you meet the required minimum number of visits (4) within the 3 month probationary period.
Also, don’t forget that the first job on arrival on club grounds is to sign in and ensure you are wearing your badge and whistle. If the clubhouse isn’t open, there is always a signing in sheet on the bottom plinking range.


First Induction Day

The first Sunday in February was our first induction day of 2020 for new members, and what a day! Around 40 new members, many of them seasoned shooters, but with quite a few genuine novices, successfully completed their first induction day.
At one point we had quite a queue for the chrono, but eventually we managed to check all the guns and get people out shooting.
We hope you all enjoyed it, and the facilities PARC has to offer.

Young recruit enjoying his first induction day!