PARC New Member Induction

A reminder that applications for new members to join PARC start this Sunday, 2nd February, from 10am.
If you’re intending to come, park up and seek out a committee member – they’ll be wearing their yellow ID badges. Alternatively, go to the clubhouse and ask in there.
It is likely to be busy, so please bear with us.
If you are bringing a gun, we WILL have to chronograph it to check for compliance with sub rules. This is done with club pellets (JSBs) for consistency. Regrettably, if it reads over, we cannot allow you to use it.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Check here for further details: joining us

More Targets!

The 10 HFT targets have been very well received. They all comply with HFT rules regarding distance (10 to 45 yards), all are visible whilst prone, and, of course, they all have a stake.
So, noting this success, we have added 5 more targets, so at each of the 5 shooting positions, there are now 3 targets instead of 2, making 15 HFT compliant targets.

Club Chairman

As most of you will already know, Ross Adamson, our long-time club chairman, has resigned from his position and the committee for personal reasons.
We hope you join us in thanking Ross for his immeasurable contribution to PARC over the years. He says he’ll still be around, and will help wherever and whenever he can, so we haven’t got rid of him yet!!